Po’ Girl – Hebden Bridge, 30 May 2010

June 5, 2010

So one Saturday night I’m sat watching the soccer highlights when my GLW wanders in to the room and tells me she’s just heard a track on The Bob Harris Show by a group called Po’ Girls, that they sound similar to Be Good Tanyas and are playing The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge in a couple of weeks. Ten minutes later we have tickets!

We arrive at the club to discover that there is some kind of street festival going on outside so the show will be starting a little later than expected. Originally formed in Canada, Po’Girl are currently a four piece comprising Allison Russell, Awna Teixeira, Benny Sidelinger, and Mikey “Lightning” August, all multi instrumentalist and singers. Tonight they play two sets which include tracks from their new album, Follow Your Bliss, older material and covers. This isn’t straightforward Americana but includes elements of soulfulness, jazz and blues. They’re joined on stage for most of the evening by friend J.T. Nero, of Chicago band J.T. and the Clouds, who adds guitar and vocals and some songs of his own.

I have to say I never thought I’d be so keen on a group that featured a clarinet! Well worth seeing and I’ll be watching out for their return.