Supergrass – Manchester, 9 June 2010

Of the bands that emerged from Britpop Supergrass were the one who were constantly underrated by a media that regularly praised their no more talented peers. Now they’ve decided to call it a day after 17 years and they are playing a four date farewell tour. Tonight’s show in Manchester is the second.

They have, however, had a stroke of genius. As sales of their recordings appear to have fallen,despite an amazing consistency of quality, they have decided to highlight their albums in reverse order. This means that early in their two-hour set, 2002’s Grace begins a run of terrific tunes that demonstrates their ability to deliver classic singles. The sell out crowd goes mad to Moving, Pumping On Your Stereo and Richard III. They finish with songs from 1995’s I Should Coco, including Lenny Alright and Caught By The Fuzz. The one problem with the show is the way in which they leave the stage between albums, which prevents the show building up momentum. But this is a minor quibble given the great performance and superb material.

So, thanks for the memories Gaz, Danny, Mick and Rob. How long will it take for us to realise what we’ve lost?

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