Teenage Fanclub – Leeds, 4 June 2010

Teenage Fanclub last played Leeds in November 2002 and it’s been too long an absence. Tonight, at a sold out Cockpit, they’re on fine form, touring in support of their new album Shadows, from which they play 6 of its 12 tracks. What is amazing to me is that none of these songs suffers in comparision to well established favourites. How many bands can say that after 20 years and nine albums?

The rest of the set is selected from across the whole range of their career. Stand outs were Verisimilitude; The Concept, which got a fabulous elongated ending; Ain’t That Enough;  Sparky’s Dream and, of course, Everything Flows.

The band seem to enjoy themselves as much as the crowd so we can hope it won’t be too long before they’re back in Leeds.

Set List

Start Again; Sometimes I Don’t Need To Believe In Anything; The Past; It’s All In My Mind; Don’t Look Back; Baby Lee; Verisimilitude; Shock And Awe; I Don’t Want Control Of You; About You; Sweet Days Waiting; Your Love Is the Place; The Concept; Ain’t That Enough; Sparky’s Dream.


Can’t Feel My Soul; I Need Direction; Today Never Ends; Everything Flows.

One Response to Teenage Fanclub – Leeds, 4 June 2010

  1. Bob says:

    Was baby sitting for my brother this week end so missed this AND the John Foxx gig in London

    But he and his misses had a lovely time in Dublin so……….

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