Peter Green – Leeds, 13 March 2010

I’ve been a fan of Peter Green for years, in fact the first stereo LP I bought was Fleetwood Mac’s Pious Bird Of Good Omen. Regrettably I was too young to see him play with Fleetwood Mac and then, as is well documented, he disappeared from playing music altogether.

Since he made his ‘comeback’ I’ve avoided going to see him as I didn’t want to be disappointed. Friends who saw him with The Splinter Group confirmed that this was likely to be the case. However when my friend Stephen suggested that we go see him with a new band at The Irish Centre I decided that I should bite the bullet and take a chance.

I wasn’t disappointed! He was surrounded by talented and sympathetic musicians, who I was pleased to see included the fabulous Geraint Watkins (Van Morrison, Nick Lowe) on keyboards and Matt Radford (Nick Lowe) on stand-up bass. It would be foolish to pretend that Green sings or plays as he did in 1969 but he can sing and play and, perhaps more importantly, seems to be having a great time. The band play few Fleetwood Mac tracks – Long Grey Mare, Oh Well, Albatross and Black Magic Woman – but plenty of Blues, Soul and R’nB classics – Dark End of the Street, The Thrill Is Gone, Off The Hook – and three tracks from the Hard Road album with the Bluesbreakers, including The Stumble.

If he continues to play this well I’ll certainly be going again!

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