Glenn Tilbrook – Sheffield, 11 December 2009

O.K. let’s start with a word of warning, Caveat Emptor if you will. Of all the artists I’ve seen over the years Glenn Tilbrook, with and without Squeeze, leads the list by a considerable distance. In fact if you were to separate the two then they would still take the first two places. The purpose of telling you this is to make it clear I’m a fan! Tonight at The Boardwalk Glenn doesn’t disappoint.

The first half consists of Glenn solo and, after a short break, he returns, joined by Simon Hanson (The Fluffers/Squeeze) on percussion.

As ever the selection includes Squeeze songs – Up The Junction, and an audience assisted Black Coffee In Bed – material from his solo albums – Blsack Sheep and The Best Of Times – and some well-chosen covers – Harper Valley PTA, I Feel Good, Oh Well and I Will. The audience, including me, have a great night out.

He’s touring again in early 2010 so get along and see him if you can.

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