Morrissey – Leeds, 29 October 2009

MorrisseyThis is The Swords Tour to promote the album of the same name, a collection of B-side from his last three CDs, excluding the live album and the Greatest Hits collection. The set list reflects his preoccupation with his latest work, of his solo material he performs only two songs that pre-date You Are The Quarry, The Loop from World Of Morrissey and Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself from Vauxhall and I.

The show? Well it was tremendous! It is really well paced and consists almost entirely of up tempo material. Morrissey was in fine voice and seemed to be enjoying himself. His band is first class, particularly guitarist Jesse Tobias. The big surprise is the six Smiths songs he performs; This Charming Man, How Soon Is Now?, Cemetery Gates, Nowhere Fast, Is It Really So Strange? and Death At One’s Elbow. A third of the set list! I think the reason that he is now playing so many Smiths songs is that he finally has a guitarist in his live band who, while not being Johnny Marr, has the ability to play them really well.

The sell out crowd, quite rightly go nuts! The standouts for me? The Smiths material, particularly Cemetery Gates, I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris, Irish Blood, English Heart and a particularly riotous version of First Of The Gang To Die, served up as the encore.

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